Who we are

Shift Dallas is a volunteer led organization founded at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in Dallas.

Our team is a diverse group of professionals at every stage of their career, working together to provide access to education, mentorship and support for their service industry peers.

What we are up to

During this critical period, we are working to provide our community with access to clear and relevant information, and act as a direct line of communication to community leadership. 

Why we are doing this

We believe in a better future for the service and hospitality industry and for the people who work within it. To us, that means providing a traditionally underserved community with thoughtful and engaging support during the defining crisis of our time.

Who we serve

Our research and resource coordination serves to support all members of the hospitality industry: employees, managers, and owners of restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes and other related businesses.

Our team

Shift Dallas was founded by Seth Brammer with the rapid help of Alexie Estrada, Leslie Brenner and Brice Gonzales on Monday, March 16th, as a response to the looming COVID-19 crisis.

Currently, Shift Dallas is led by the following executive team: 

Team Leader /
The Late Shift Host
Seth Brammer
(usually of ShipShape)

Program Director /
The Late Shift Producer
Alexie Estrada
(usually of Harwood Hospitality and Harwood International)

Research Director
Brenda Ogershok
(usually of Billy Can Can)

Community Director /
The Late Shift Producer
Molly Hagler
(usually of Virtuoso Wine and Spirits)

Community Manager
Josh Glover
(usually of SGWS)

Administrative Manager
Ashley Love

Technology Manager
Jordan Berger
(usually of RealPage)

Shift Dallas Advisory Board:
Leslie Brenner
Leslie Brenner Concepts

Alison Matis
FestEvents Group